Merdeka Crazy 10% discount deal!

Merdeka Crazy 10% discount deal! 🇲🇾🇲🇾

Anyone who has a S’MORES Merderka frame 🖼 is entitled total up to s 20% discount on all food items!!!

How to frame (4⃣ easy steps)
Period: 30th August – 16th September 2018.
1⃣ go to your personal fb profile picture & click on your profile
2⃣Add frame & Search 🔎 for S’MORES
3⃣ Select either “Smores-merdeka1” or “Smores-merdeka” to add,
4⃣ Show it to our staff on duty.

🤚 But wait! There’s more! If you top up additional RM1, you can get 1(one) mug of tiger beer too!!

Eat, Drink and be Merry this Merdeka!
Proud Malaysians all! 🤝

📍 Location:
Bangsar Nexus:

3 Damansara:

Desa Park:


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