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Once there were two brothers who were born and bred in a small town. They came to the big city to expand their horizon. Once they worked in the harshest environment one can only believe with their eyes. Not long after, they found their passion in food and beer. With their passion and luck, they found a talk bigger than words chef who knows charcoal and wood cooking more than anyone else in the country.

At that moment, the two brothers and that crazy chef decided to go back to basic cooking. Hence they brought in the strong, solid and lovely lady named BERTHA to form a fun & fiery family. S'MORES brand name was chosen because it is a food which best cooked in natural fire and its true meaning is "some more". The hope to bringing the best cooked food under natural fire as well to serve the best ice cold beers and make the diners want "some more" aka S'MORES


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